You Don't Say!

Sunday School Bible Game 

Describe the keyword without saying the word.

What You Need 
Kids, a Bible, Post-It Notes, a watch with a second hand and a selection of keywords from your lesson or lesson series. 

Set Up 
Write your keywords on Post-It Notes. For example, keywords for Advent (Matthew chapters 1 and 2; Luke 2), could be: "Angel, shepherds, baby, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Lord, afraid, magi, gifts, star, manger, warned, and praising." Keywords for Abraham lesson (Genesis chapters 12-25), could be: "God, sacrifice, stars, dead, heaven, bones, child, walls, Pharaoh, and sword." Keywords for the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6) could be, "Father, heaven, holy, name, kingdom, earth, day, daily, bread, debts, debtors, lead, temptation, deliver, evil, power, glory, forever."

How You Play
Divide class into two teams. Give a keyword Post-It Note to a player on team one. The player must describe the keyword to his or her teammates without actually saying the word. Players are given 15 seconds to communicate the keyword to their teammates. If a team is unable to guess correctly, the opposing team may take a guess. (Allow 5 seconds to respond.) Whichever team guesses correctly scores a point. If a player accidentally says the keyword, the point automatically goes to the opposing team. The next team takes their turn whether the keyword was guessed correctly or not. 

Alternative Play
Choose one player to begin. Player describes the keyword to the class. The first person to say it goes next. If a player accidentally says the keyword while describing it, he/she sits down and teacher chooses another player to take a turn.

How To Win
Once all the keywords have been played, the team (or person) with the most points wins!

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