Cleanup The Trash


Copy and print the following statements (1 per sheet) and crumple the paper. Throw the 16 wads of paper around the meeting room floor. The area should look ďtrashy.Ē

I tell lies. My friends donít care.

I called my Mom and Dad mean names.

I pretend Iím sick so I donít have to go to church.

I took a friendís eraser at school.

I want to go fishing - not to church.

I took a candy bar from the grocery store. They wonít miss just 1 candy bar.

Iíll hide from my Mom. I donít want to take out the trash.

I told Dad that I already cleaned my room - but I didnít.

My sister makes me so mad, thatís why I hit her.

Those people next door are weird. I wonít help them do anything. Someone might see me helping them.

Iíll beg Dad to get me a bike like my friendís.

Mom wonít let ME buy me clothes like my friend has.

Mom will love the flowers that grow in the park. I will pick them for her.

I can cuss all I want to - when Mom canít hear me.

My friend says bad words - and I think he is funny.

My neighbors are old - I wish they would move away.

No body pushes me around - I will beat them up.

She is ugly. I donít like the way she dresses.

I donít do what Mom and Dad tells me until they get REAL mad.




The scripture for the dry erase board is John 14:15.

When the children enter the room, ask them if they know who left this trash on the floor. Ask if they think we should leave the trash where it is - or clean it up. Tell them for right now, we will just leave it.

Today we are going to talk about how we can know if we really love God. The Bible shows us that God knows how to tell if we love him. God says, ďIf you love me, keep my commandments.Ē John 14:15

Play the erase a word game until they have the verse memorized.

Explain the verse by sharing some of the 10 Commandments. God told us the way HE wants us to show him we love him by giving us some things to do --- or not do. When we do not obey Godís commandments, we are trashing God, His Word, and messing up our livesÖ. Just like the trash on the floor. Here are some of the commandments we can obey so that God KNOWS that we love him.

Expound on each of the following - interacting with the children as you go.

Honor your father and mother.

Honor the Sabbath day and keep it holy.

Thou shalt not steal.

Thou shalt not lie.

Thou shalt not covet (explain covet).

Love your neighbor as yourself.

Thou shalt not take the Lordís name in vain.

Should we obey Godís commands? Why?

What happens when we do not obey God?

Sin is not obeying (breaking) Godís commandments.

What does the Bible say is the payment (wages) for sin?

Romans 6:23 ďFor the wages of SIN is DEATH, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.Ē

God sent Jesus to pay for all the sins that we do. Is it right that we should continue to sin and break Godís commandments?

God loved us so much that HE had Jesus die for our sins. God loved us so much that HE gave us rules that will make our lives good - if we obey the rules. God wants us to have a good life. God wants others to see our good behavior and for us to tell them about HIS love. IF we make choices to obey and not to disobey, people will want to know why we are a nice person. Then we can tell them about Godís love and Godís plan (the Bible) to help us have a good life. If we ask Jesus into our hearts - Jesus will make us strong and brave. Jesus will help us to do the right thing - to honor God and our parents, to not lie, or cheat, to honor God by going to church and learning about the Bible, and to love others - not be mean to them - so that they will want to know Jesus too.

ďIf we obey Godís Word, we will not ďtrashĒ up our lives by getting into trouble all of the time. Lets see if we can find out about this trash in the floor.Ē

Have the children take turns picking up a piece of ďtrashĒ. Have them read what is on the paper (or help them read the message). Ask them if that is a good way to show God that they love him. If it is not a good way to show God we love him then it is TRASH - we should throw away that kind of behavior. Let them wad up the paper and throw it away - slam dunk - 3 point try - etc. Reiterate that we donít want to TRASH Godís commandments. Restate John14:15 each time a piece of trash is thrown away - until all of the trash is cleaned up.

Ask the children if they will show God that they love him this week. Will they keep Godís commandments --- or make TRASH?

Copyright 2004 Emmalea Butler

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