The Pharisee & the Tax Collector

Bible Skit Sample: Thank Goodness I'm Not Like Him!

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Prayer and Fasting (From Lesson 6: Prayer & Fasting from the Sermon on the Mount Bible Lesson Plans.)

Students illustrate the lesson by acting out the teacher's narrative.

Bible references
Luke 18:9-14, Matthew 6:5

Cast: Narrator (teacher), Pharisee, Tax Collector.

Players act out the script as the teacher narrates it. Actors listen to the lines and act accordingly; teacher gives directions based on the bolded italicized cues. 

Narrator: One day Jesus told his followers a story about two people who went to the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee, a religious teacher, and the other a Tax Collector, whom nobody liked, because he was known to be a cheater.

Pharisee and Tax Collector, go to the temple and bow down.

Narrator: The Pharisee stood up.

Pharisee, stand up and look towards heaven.

Narrator:  . . . and prayed saying: 'God, thank goodness I'm not like that wicked Tax Collector or all those other evil people! I fast—not eating or drinking anything, and I give God a dime out of every dollar I earn!

Pharisee, pat yourself on the back and strut around as if you're important.

Narrator: But the tax collector stood in a corner. He wouldn't even look up to heaven. Instead, he pounded his chest. 

Tax Collector, stand up and pound your chest . . . (END of Sample.)

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