Because God Loved

Adam and Eve Bible Skit for Kids

SCRIPTURE: Genesis 4:1-17

NARRATOR: In the beginning, there was only Adam and Eve, they were both created by God. Adam first, then Eve from the rib of Adam, while he was napping. Adam and Eve were fortunate; they were given the opportunity to live in the Garden of Eden. Can you imagine living in a garden created by God? Can you really imagine if there was only one rule to obey instead of trying to keep all ten of the commandments? Yep, that's right. Not only did Adam and Eve have the perfect place to live and work, but they only had one rule to obey! Not Ten Commandments like we do. Well anyway, they broke that one rule - and they were banned from the Garden of Eden forever . . . They were exiled. Given the big boot. Kicked to the curb!

ADAM: Enough already; they get it. We were thrown out.

(NARRATOR turns away from ADAM and EVE with an arrogant look, and walks away.)

NARRATOR: You only had one rule to obey, not ten commandments! All you had to do was NOT eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. You had all of those other trees to pick fruit from.

EVE: Well, it's not that simple.

NARRATOR: (pointing at Adam) You are to blame. You brought sin into the world. You did it!

ADAM: (pointing at EVE): Well, she started it, not me.

EVE: Me! Don't you dare! You were right there with me! And by the way, we don't know if it was an apple. I don't even like apples. 

NARRATOR: Okay, it WAS a fruit. Where was I? Oh yes, God sent them out from that perfect garden he had created. They were flat out evicted. Thrown out in the cold.

ADAM: Okay, okay, on with it already!

EVE: You know we really did feel awful about eating that fruit from the tree. Really we did.

ADAM: Yeah, we did.

EVE: And we apologized. We told God we were sorry.

ADAM: And he forgave us for what we did.

EVE: (to ADAM): Wait a minute-he forgave us? So why did God make us leave the Garden?

NARRATOR: God cast them out, showed them the front door . . .

(ADAM and EVE stare at the NARRATOR with disgust)

. . . for a very, very good reason: He loved them!

EVE: What? I don't get it. He loved us, so he kicked us out of our nice home where we barely had to lift a finger?

NARRATOR: (looking at audience) God wanted to protect Adam and Eve from themselves, and keep them away from the Tree of Life. Put it this way, if they had remained in the Garden eating from the Tree of Life, they would have remained in their fallen, sinful condition, separated from God for eternity. And all people born after Adam and Eve would live in this world in their sinful condition forever and never reach heaven. We would have to deal with pain and sickness in these aching, aging bodies. I for one am glad he expelled them, and gave them the boot!

Adam/Eve: God kicked us out because he loved us!

Copyright 2014 Demarquis Lamar Johnson

Teach children about the Promises God made to Adam and Eve and to the Serpent too!

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