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Sunday School Lessons for Children's Ministry

Our Bible lesson plans are teacher-friendly, easy to prepare and are versatile for Children's church lessons and multiple-aged Christian classes. Use our Bible curriculum in Sunday school, kids' church, midweek programming, and Bible clubs too! 

We offer a wide variety of Bible Curriculum, Children's sermons, Bible games, Christian crafts, and Biblical skits for the spiritual development of children and to make lesson time fun! 

And, don't miss our printable Bible Posters to coordinate with your lesson plans and liven up your classroom setting! 

" . . . be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain" 1 CO 15:58. 

Amazing Parable Race

Summer Youth Program - Outdoor Bible Game Event

Amazing Parable Race Bible Game Event

Review: "I am so excited to have found this! I was wanting to do the Amazing Race as a part virtual, part live, VBS this summer, but was hitting a mental block. This has been so helpful already! It is going to be AMAZING!

Figuring out social distancing is going to be a unique challenge, but I think the kiddos are going to LOVE this! My plan is to have one age group per week on campus (max 25) and the other age groups will watch online live. Then rotate age groups every week throughout the month of July. 

Now, I just have to narrow down my other weeks lessons and try to make my clues and challenges as fun as yours!

I can't wait! Thanks again!" 
~ Sheri Voigt

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No Trespassing

Debts, Debtors, Trespass, Trespassing | Matthew 6:9-15

Lords Prayer, debts, trespass, debtors, trespasses

Prop: a No Trespassing Sign.

Hold up the sign and ask, “Have you ever seen a No Trespassing sign in a neighbor’s yard or on public property? 

Why do you suppose people put up No Trespassing signs? (Receive answers.)

A No Trespassing sign is a notice to people that they don’t have permission to step onto the property without permission from the owner. If people disregard the sign, oftentimes they could be fined or experience bodily danger, because vicious dogs or armed guards could be protecting the property against trespassers. In other words, it is a warning to stay away, so they don’t get hurt.

The word trespass is also found in Scripture; it means . . . keep reading.


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread 

Easy "Stained Glass" Art Craft (For Ages 5+)

Our Daily Bread Mosaic Art Craft

Our Daily Bread Mosaic Art Craft coordinates well with lessons on prayer and giving thanks for our daily blessings. This is a great precursor to learning the art of mosaics, and an excellent add-on activity to our Prayer of Jesus Bible lessons. Display in a window or in a clear acrylic frame, as shown below. The 8.5" x 11" PDF download includes two silhouette patterns per page with instructions. Learn more.

The BE-Attitudes 
Adult Devotional | Sample Chapter One

Beatitudes Bible Lessons for Adult Groups and Individuals

“I just can’t get over it!”

Most of us, if not all of us, at one time or another have to deal with experiences in our past or current life that make us stumble in our faith or that cripple us emotionally. It could be something as severe as being physically or sexually abused as a child, or a feeling that our parents didn’t give us the proper attention we needed growing up. Maybe it’s a broken friendship or business plan gone sour, or a disappointment so deep that you can’t get past it. Whatever “it” is, many times these painful experiences can affect us the rest of our lives, preventing us from reaching our greatest potential or eventually destroying us. Trying to “get over it” doesn’t work. We try and fail, and “it” goes round and round in our minds, blocking us from receiving what God intends for us. Thankfully, there is an alternative. God can heal our pain, so we can live productive, God-approved lives. 

If you feel powerless to overcome your pain, there is hope. You are about to discover that the Beatitudes are the key to unlocking your spiritual and emotional well-being, so you can “get over” the painful experiences in your life—past and present—and have hope for the future!

The Beatitudes are the eight declarations made by Jesus at the beginning of his Sermon on the Mount, recorded in Matthew 5:3-12. Each one begins with the words, “Blessed are,” and continues with a statement concerning those who live in obedient and joyful unity with God. They are for those who partake in his salvation, and who have entered into his kingdom, not in its fullest sense, but as a foretaste of what’s to come. 

The word “blessed” is from the Greek word, “makarios,” which means, happy, well off, or fortunate. Some Bible translations use the term happy, yet happiness most often depends on one’s emotional state—it is temporary. On the other hand, blessed also means favored, which more accurately describes the spiritual harmony of a person who is in relationship with the King of the universe—it is eternal . . . Keep reading.


Where will you spend eternity? Are you going to heaven?


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