What is a "Christian" Cult?  

The Top Three Ways to Know If You're in a Cult

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A Christian cult is a misnomer--an oxymoron, because you can't be a Christian and be in a cult. However, there are religious groups who call themselves Christian, and will even say they believe in Jesus, but the question is, which Jesus, and what do they believe about him? 

Here are the top three ways to determine a "Christian" cult:

1) Do they give Jesus the proper place? Do they regard him as divine as is revealed in the New Testament? (For example, Thomas proclaimed Jesus as his Lord and God, John 20:26-28)

2) Do they change key Scripture verses or use another book to redefine the divine nature of Jesus? Thereby denying that Jesus is God in the flesh, as revealed in John 1:1-14, and the second person of the trinity.

3) Christian cults will often say that Jesus never claimed to be God. This isn't true. When Jesus said to the Jewish leadership, "Before Abraham was, 'I Am,'" they wanted to kill him (John 8:58-59). They knew exactly what Jesus was saying. They understood he was laying claim to the covenant name of God as was told to Moses when God said, "I Am who I Am" (Exodus 3:13-15). In fact, all of Jesus' "I am" statements, I am the good shepherd, I am the Vine, I am the Door, I am the Way . . ., use this same covenant language for God's name. 

Friends, make sure you are in a Christian fellowship that places Jesus above all else, proclaims his name, and teaches salvation by grace alone, by faith in Jesus alone (Ephesians 2:8-9). 

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