TV-type Bible Games

for Children and Youth Ministry

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Amazing "Psalm 23" Race 
Players, the sheep, must use Psalm 23 for clues to finding their sheep pens. Loosely based on the popular game show, "The Amazing Race."

Bible Concentration 
Players will learn the definitions to some very important Bible words! (For upper elementary to adult.)

Bible Jeopardy
In this fun Bible Trivia game, players compete to answer questions from the following categories: HEROES * EASTER * BIBLE FACTS * NUMBERS * OLD TESTAMENT MEN * BIBLE TIME PLACES-- Thanks goes to Colleen Volstad for this great contribution! (Click the title to get the directions and the questions!)

Bible Scavenger Hunt 
Players fill in the missing Bible word to figure out what they are looking for and then search the playing area to find the object.

Bible, Win, Lose or Draw 
Teams compete to draw a Bible story, and be the first to name it.

Super Bowl Sunday School 
Teams compete to move their footballs to the end zones by answering Bible questions correctly.

Bible games for children's ministry

Survivor-Temptation Island Event 
Through various fun games, activities, and group Bible discussions, participants will learn that temptation is from Satan and can lead to sin. Participants will also learn how to receive God's power to resist Satan's temptations.

Who Wants to be a Bibleaire? 
This game was sent in by Deb High, a very committed and creative 7th and 8th grade Sunday school teacher. Deb writes, "Here is a game I made which is a take off from the millionaire game. In the Sunday school classroom I had 10 levels. At the third level they won a can of pop. At the 6th level and 10th level a MacDonald's gift certificate. Of course you could work out anything for the game. I also used 'lifelines', the kids could poll the class, use a 50/50, and call on a friend in class.
Deb is a regular contributor to the Bible games page and I think this is probably not her final answer! Deb, Thanks again for your hard work! (Click the title to get the Bibleaire questions.)

Who Wants to be a Christianaire? 
(For Team Play!) Sent in by, Carol Baldridge, another dedicated subscriber to the Sunday School Teacher's Network! Carol writes, "To play this game you will need a set of multiple choice Bible questions, a chalk board and a writing instrument. To set up the score boards you set up two of the following: Life lines - V (Verse of scripture), C (eliminate Choices), R (Response from another) Strikes - 1, 2, 3 (each team gets a chance for three misses before ending the game) Score - 1-15 (we usually draw triangles with numbers in them) Now to play the game: Multiple choice Bible questions are asked to each team alternating between teams. A team may choose a lifeline, or answer the question. If they miss the questions they score a strike and the question passes to the next team. If they answer correctly, they score one of 15 points and the game continues with the other team answering the next question. The game continues in this fashion until one team scores three strikes or fifteen points. Note: Playing this game does not indicate that you are, or are not, a Christian. It is just a fun game to help educate one with Bible facts." (Thanks for sharing, Carol!)

Who Wants to be a Heaven-Heir?
A children's church version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? with three categories of play.

Bible games for children's ministry

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