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Theme: Sacrificial giving 

Scripture: John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son.

Chris' Sunday school class had decided to do something different this Christmas. To help show God's love, each child agreed to sacrifice a favorite, gently used toy. Their gift would then be given to a needy boy or girl living in a nearby Children's Home.

Chris looked through his toy box. He didn't quite know what he should give away. He liked all of his toys! He then spotted at the very bottom of his toy box his Dinobart Transformer.

Chris thought to himself, "I hardly ever play with that thing, I'll give that away!"

That afternoon Chris called his best friend and neighbor Todd. Todd was also in his Sunday school class and Chris wanted to know what he was bringing to give away. 

"I'm giving away my Igloo Invasions game" Todd said. "What! Chris exclaimed; you love that thing, don't you have anything else you can give away?" 

"It's Christmas time, Todd told Chris; the time of year when I remember the special love gift God gave me."

"Chris can you imagine how much love it took to leave a perfect beautiful heaven? To come to earth, be born in a stable, and later die on the cross to take our sins away?"

"I love my Igloo Invasions game, Chris, and I'm going to miss it very much, but God gave me His very best when He gave his Son Jesus, and I want to give my best also."

"Wow," said Chris; "You sure are going to make some boy or girl very happy this Christmas!"

All during the day, Chris kept remembering what Todd had said. It was true; God did give His very best when He sent Jesus.

Chris was beginning to feel badly. He had to admit to himself giving away his Dinobart Transformer wasn't really a sacrifice. He hardly ever even played with it!

"Maybe I could bring something else, he thought, something that I really enjoy playing with, something I can give from my heart, a true sacrifice."

Mrs. Stevens told the class they didn't need to wrap their gift. Sunday morning Chris carried his gift to class in a paper bag. 

When it was his turn to put his gift in the box for the Children's Home, he walked slowly, holding the bag very close to him.

When Chris took his gift out of the paper bag, Todd gasped! He couldn't believe his eyes. Chris was holding Benjamin, his favorite stuffed bear. 

Chris loved Benjamin! He even had his mother make a special blanket for him, and now he was giving him away.

On his way back to his seat Chris silently prayed, "Dear God, please take good care of Benjamin. I hope he makes another boy or girl as happy as he has made me. I love you Jesus, Amen." 

Although Chris had just given away his very best toy he felt happy inside. It was like God was smiling all over him.

When class ended, Todd ran over to Chris and said, "You know, Chris, that was a very loving thing you did today; God bless you." 

"God bless you too, Todd." Chris said. Then they high fived one another and started for home with their parents.

Activity: You will need white paper, crayons, or markers. Draw a picture of a special toy of yours that you would be willing to sacrifice and unselfishly give away to a needy girl or boy to show them God's love.

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