Bible Lessons

with Special Activities 

Bible lessons with special activities

A Mile of Pennies-Fundraising Project 
Back In Time With Jesus (Sample lesson)
Beatitudes Fill-in the Blanks  
Beatitudes Word Groups
Beatitudes Song
Build a Snowman for Jesus
Centered In Christ -Active Lesson
Changed Heart 
Colors of Christ Poem 
Coming Clean 
Creative Challenge 
Defeating Giants
Esther's Recipe for a Courageous Christian 
Experience the Fruit of the Spirit 
Faith Foundation
Forgive One Another 
Fruit of the Spirit Character
Gardening In Our Lives 
God Has a Plan For Your Life
God is Like . . . 
God's Garden
God's Guidance System 
God's Plan For Man 
Good Stuff or Garbage in the Temple?
Holy Spirit Fire-Dove
It's a Puzzle: Blessed are those who mourn. . .

Jesus Cleanses The Temple 
Jesus is a Friend 
Jonah-Word Search Puzzle 

Jonah and the Big Fish Bible Lessons

Lemons To Lemonade
Let Me Get This Straight, Using a Plumb Line
Life is Like a Jar of Rocks
Listening To God's Call
Love Is Not Puffed Up 
Moses and the Brazen "Bronze" Serpent
New Life Butterfly 
No Other gods 
Noah: Alphabet Ups and Downs 
Noah's Ark and Noah's Obedience 
Out Of Egypt - Survivor 
Pandemic Praise
Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard 

Point of View

Pre-K Prayer Song 
Repentance Poem 
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Your Teachers
S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O.N. Survivor
Sheep & Goats 
That Wonderful Name 
The Birthday Party
The Greatest Commandment? 
The WORD Became Flesh 
Treasures Under The Snow
What is Sin?
What is Sin and Confession?

What's In A Name? 
Why Do We Pray? 
Worship...What does God think?

Paper Tearing Talks

A Ticket To Heaven-A Paper Cutting Story
Story of the Vineyard-A Paper Cutting Story-#2
The Gift of Giving-A Paper Tearing Lesson
The Paper Cross

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