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Over the years Sunday School Network has provided many games, crafts, and lessons, which are devoted to the topic of the Lord's Prayer. I thought it would be useful to gather them together and link them here; some are free* and some are pay-for-use. I hope you find these ideas useful to your ministry to children!

God bless you!
Sarah Keith

Prayer of Jesus
The Prayer of Jesus
is a 12-Session Bible curriculum, which can be extended using the following add-on resources:

Classroom Poster with Key Elements
*Pandemic Praise
*Plumb Line Lesson
*Pre-K Prayer Song

Daily Bread Stained Glass 
*Plaster Prayer Hand 
*Praise Him Noise Makers
Prayer Wheel
(included with curriculum)

*No Trespassing!

*Friends Rescue Friends
*Lord's Prayer Word Search Puzzle
*Sending Out An S.O.S.
(included with curriculum)
*Serve One Another 
*Our Daily Bread
*Our Father Relays
*Rubber Band Memory Game

*Wash Your Feet! - Pantomime

Don't miss our extra ETSY prayer resources! 
3-D Hand Art 
Classroom Prayer Poster
Jesus Praying Collage Art Poster
Lord's Prayer Bookmarks
Lord's Prayer YouTube Video

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