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Bible skits for children's ministry

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from Sunday School Network

Bible ACT-ion Skits - Any story from the Bible can be acted out (pantomimed) by children while a narrator reads from Scripture. For example, Moses at the Burning Bush: one child would pretend to be Moses and four children could pretend to be the burning bush. To "act out" the bush, children would kneel on the ground with their hands raised in the air and move their arms and fingers to represent the flames. 

Blind To See - To be used with a lesson on the healing of the blind man. From our Bible curriculum, Amazing Miracles of the Bible.

Choosing the Twelve - Sample this skit and watch a short video. From the book, Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits - Based on the Gospel According to Mark. A great resource for Sundays, midweek, summer classes or children's church! Includes discussion questions too. 

Disciples, Recycles? - A humorous, two-person or two-puppet presentation concerning what it means to be a disciple.

God Rules: The Ten Commandments - An easy-to-do, narrated skit from God's Top Ten curriculum.

Gospel According to Mark - Open the first few pages of this e-book to read more about it. 
Purchase the Gospel of Mark Bible skits.

Joshua, Rahab, and the Two Spies - From the book, Super Heroes of the Bible - The Willing Hearts Who Changed the Course of History.

Mr. & Mrs. Noah - Sample the classic flood story of God's promise to Noah in this light-hearted and easy-to-produce skit. From our Bible curriculum book, The Great Promises of the Bible.

The Wedding Banquet - A parable about God's invitation to all people and coming to him on his terms and not our own. Based on Matthew 22:1-14.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Skit - A humorous skit which points out, "Do not judge or you too will be judged". From our Bible lesson plans, Tell Me The Story of Jesus.

Pharisee & the Tax Collector - "Thank Goodness I'm Not Like Him!" Sample our skit from Lesson Six on Prayer & Fasting from the Sermon on the Mount Bible Lesson Plans.

Prodigal Son - Sample the parable of the Prodigal Son in this easy-to-produce skit, from The BE-Attitudes for Kids.

Repent, the Kingdom is Near - Sample this skit about John the Baptist, from our Bible curriculum book, Come Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord, They Show Us Jesus.

Valentines Day Presentation - Requires minor set up and preparation for readers and non-readers.

Wash Your Feet
Children pantomime the story of Jesus washing the Disciples feet.

Where You Go I'll Go - Sample this skit and watch a short video. From the book, Lights, Camera, Action Bible Skits Based on the Book of Ruth. A great resource for Sundays, midweek, summer classes or children's church! Includes discussion questions too. 

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Skits from our Partners

A Cana Wedding - Written to give children an idea of how a wedding may have occurred in Bible-times. Aaron and Rebecca request your presence at the wedding of our son Jahaz, and Leah, daughter of Ethan and Ruth. 

Ananias & Sapphira Rap - A humorous approach to a serious Bible story of the consequences of not telling the truth. It's no laughing matter!

Because God Loved Adam and Eve - A short, comical skit that explains why God banned Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Faith to Move Mountains - A short skit about a student who wants to have more faith.

Honoring Parents: Grandpa, why are you so smart? - A short skit that focuses on the fifth commandment, honor your parents. It's not only a smart thing to do, but God told us to do it!

Inspector Clueless - An interactive script, originally intended for an Easter Family Breakfast, but can be used throughout the year. 

King Saul's Bad Choice - King Saul had a choice to make about going to see a medium. He knew mediums or witches were evil and not of God. This Bible skit teaches an important lesson about making good and bad choices. 

New Glasses For Brady - Helping children develop thankful hearts is the object of this skit. For two people or two puppets. 

Pray Continually - From the booklet, "Living like Jesus: 20 short and easy-to-use scripts teaching Christ-like character traits and virtues." 

Senior Moments "Lester, We Forget" - An older retired couple learn to deal with the difficulties of aging.

Someone To Listen - A teenage girl and her family have recently relocated to a new town. The girl is beset with problems concerning a new school, personal relationships, and feelings of isolation. She seeks advice and counsel from others, but they all seem to be preoccupied with their own life situations and problems. A simple comment offered by an unexpected source paves the way for her to find Someone to Listen.

The Endless Oil - Trusting God to provide and obedience to God's word is the focus of the story of a widow, her children, and the Prophet Elisha. Based on 2 Kings 4.

The Return - Debra Halleck's interpretation of the Parable of the Five Talents has a powerful message! (Click the title to get the script.)

The Servant - A teacher recruiting skit. The scene opens at Heaven's gate. The servant-teacher learns that her efforts were not in vain. 

This Old Church - is performed to help raise money for a major renovation or new building project for a church. A take off of the popular TV show, This Old House.

To Be Kind Or Not To Be Kind - Kindness is a Godly character trait which Christians should possess. This skit compares the differences of two kings' rule, one with kindness and the other with meanness. 

Ups and Downs - Four women attending a convention in New York are trapped in an elevator when it stops between floors in a high rise hotel building. Their mood slowly turns from one of joking and wise cracks about the elevators and service to genuine concern for their safety. 

What Did They Do? - There were difficult times in the past for the wives of Biblical heroes, but as with all human experiences, there were humorous moments too.

Who Is Going To Help? - In spite of the weight of the world's problems such as earthquakes, oil spills, and the economic downturn, this skit teaches us that with God's help, one child can change the world.

Why Me? - A Prescription for Contentment--Overcoming self-pity, jealousy, and disappointment. For teens and adults.

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