Anytime Bible Talks & Children's Sermons 

100 Dollar Devotion
Afraid of Being Lost?
All Have Sinned...
Are You A Saltshaker?
Are You a Transformer?
Are You Plugged In?
Bearing Fruit
BEE-liever Bible Verses

Bible lesson plans

Be Still
Bible Bucks - Reward for Good Behavior
Bible Fun Facts
Bible in 50 Words
Bible Memory Cards: John 1:1-14
Bible Memory Verses from A-Z    
Big Words
Bottled Fruit - Christian Growth
Bought With A Price
Bruised Reed
Bubble Gum Message
Catch My Words
Children's Catechism (#1-50)
Colors of Christ Crosses 
Disciples, Recycles?

Disciplining Children-Presenting the Gospel

Discipline Effectively
Don't Get Wet...A Faith Lesson

Egg-actly the Problem
Evangelism Idea: Set the Holy Spirit Free
Eyes to See, Ears to Hear
Finding Nemo Christian Analogy

Psalm 8 Bible Memory Cards

Five Finger Prayer
Five Practical Ways to Introduce a Child to Jesus  
God's Love
God's Names Video

God's Return Policy
Google Can't Save You

Gospel Heart Song For Toddlers
Gospel Tract: Lifetime Guarantee
Growing Up God's Way
Hello? Jesus? Are You There?
Hidden Things
Holy Alphabet
Holy Spirit: Helper, Counselor, Keeper 
Humpty Dumpty-Broken Pieces
Hundred Dollar Bill Lesson
Instant Bible
In Remembrance of Me
Intentional Teaching or Willy-Nilly? 
Is Saying O.M.G. Wrong?

It's a Puzzle: Blessed are those who mourn. . .
Jesus Takes Away Our Sins
Judges of Israel
Kaleidoscopes - Romans 8:28

Kerosene Lamp-A Lesson On Sin
Kids in Worship...Really?
Kids Matter to God
Kindness Lesson "Be kind to one another"
Lord's Prayer, A God-Centered Outline
Measuring Up
Ministry Names for Children & Youths
Mirror, Mirror: Stinkin' Thinkin'
Missions Month Ideas
No Trespassing - Debts, Debtors, Trespass

Nothing Like A Comforter
Numbered With Christ?
Parable of the Weeds
Pencil-Eraser Devotion
Prayer in Practice
Prayer of Preparation

Psalm 119 - Life-Giving Devotions to God
Puffed Up Balloon
Put God First
Put off Sin; Put on Christ
Rocks and Stones
Roman Road 
Sabbath Rest - Plugged In

Samaritan's Call

Sermon In A Sack
Serving on God's Team
Sin & Forgiveness
Spiritual Salad
Stainless-Jesus Was Without Sin
Standing Strong

Store Up Treasures in Heaven
Taste And See That The Lord Is Good

Tea Bag Lesson
Teaching Communion to Children
Teaching Memory Verses
Teaching Methods-Goin' A.P.E.

That Was Easy!
The LORD Is My Helper
The Perfect Game - A Baseball Analogy

Toothpaste Sermon 
Umbrella Sermon

Untying the Donkey 
Wear Your Protective Gear-God's Armor

What's In That Box?
What's The BIG Idea? 
Willing and Able Christians
Who's Team Are You On?

Whose Hands?
Why Does God Allow Suffering?

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